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What happens next?

1. Processing

We will contact our extensive network of partners & identify the one with available parts closest to your address. Once we confirm the order with them we'll drop you an email.

2. Dispatch

Our chosen partner will carefully pack all of the parts you require and get them dispatched to your address.

3. Notification

As soon as we receive confirmation that our partner has dispatched the parts to you we'll send you a confirmation via email. You'll get back to your build before you know it!


Now that you've filled out the missing parts form we should have everything we need to process everything for you. If we need any additional information we'll be in touch.

We have partners all around the world and in most cases your replacement parts will be dispatched from the same country as your delivery address.

Some of our models have parts that are unique to them, meaning that only the factory will have these parts in stock. In these cases the replacements will take longer to arrive, but rest assured we're get everything processed as quickly as we can.

Some partners are able to send your replacements parts via tracked methods, others may not. If we do receive a tracking number we'll be sure to pass this on to you.

Most replacement parts will arrive to you within 2-5 working days from the moment you fill out our missing part form.

If the parts are unique to your model and need to be dispatched from the factory this will take longer.

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