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Designers are at the core of what we do. Over the years we've developed close relationships with some of the world's most skilled & talented designers who are able to turn your requests into extremely detailed & feature packed models for you to assemble.

The Designer Hub puts your favourite designers in the spotlight, gives you insight into their background & design process and offers behind-the-scenes insight into how we work together to bring you the largest collection of models in the world.

The designers featured here are just a few of the many we work with. In time we will continue to add designer profiles and introduce you to the world's greatest creators, so make sure to check back!

Designer Profiles

Click on a designer's profile to see an interview with them where they cover everything from their models & design process to their background & hobbies. Get to know the individuals who have designed some of your favourite models!

Our Goal is to Innovate
Over 1500 models in our collection

Our goal since 2021 is to launch at least 1 new model per day and we've been sticking to it. When it comes to new model releases, no other brand comes close.

As you can imagine, this is no easy task and without our network of designers, this wouldn't be possible.

How do we do it?

We've built strong relationships with hundreds of factories & distributors worldwide. On their end they work with designers and license their models, creating a part pack with a paper manual, which we then release on our website.

If the model we're looking for is not available, or if what's available doesn't meet our standards, we will reach out to our own network of designers and work together to turn customer requests into reality.

Designers create innovative models and we use our network of factories & warehouses to make the part pack. The process is what you'd call a well-oiled machine and this year we're on track to release an average of 10 new models per week!


Daniel Helms (danielsmocs)

Daniel (DanielsMOCs) has been a close friend & partner of The Block Zone for a number of years, a partnership that started out with the launch of his bespoke E30 model. Since then he has been able to release mind blowing iterations of customer requests, each one deserving the spotlight in its own right.

Daniel's designs always use innovative building techniques, are guaranteed to be feature-packed and extremely detailed both inside and out. We know he has some absolute gems in the works & can't wait to share these with you!

View Daniel's Interview
Sybrin Hendrikx (sfh_bricks)

At The Block Zone we're extremely passionate about motorsport. Imagine our excitement and awe when we discovered Sybrin's unique track map designs, which carefully sculpt each corner of the world's most iconic tracks and place the map on a backdrop of the country's flag.

Since 2022 we've developed a close relationship and over the 2023 racing season we've launched, together with Sybrin, every track map on the race calendar. The level of detail and accuracy in each circuit is unreal, a concept born out of true talent and passion for the sport.

View Sybrin's Interview
Jan R. (pingubricks)

Jan's designs are focused around uncompromising accuracy, leading to secondary and even tertiary iterations to achieve true scale perfection.

At The Block Zone we have been working with Jan's designs long before he even knew about us.

We've had hundreds of requests from customers as far back as 2021 to release a part pack for Jan's iconic Pike's Peak Hillclimb Racer. We obliged and, once he noticed the surge of interest from our customers, Jan reached out for a closer partnership.

View Jan's Interview
Emil Romano (0rig0)

The year is 2021. We had no space themed models on our website, but we had numerous requests to launch (excuse the pun) models of rockets & space related vehicles. If you think about it, assembling a rocket sounds like a very boring task. At the end of the day it's just a tube...or so we thought.

After a few months of research and product testing we came across Emil's Falcon Heavy design, a 700+ piece, 60+cm model that we fell in love with. Emil's designs completely changed our minds and perspective on this captivating theme. What makes his models stand out from the rest is the incredible level of detail they offer, from the fuel lines & fins to the exterior core details and even the payloads.

View Emil's Interview

We strongly believe that one of the biggest issues facing designers today is the unauthorised distribution of manuals without any credit (monetary or otherwise) being given to designers. There are numerous companies out there who operate like this.

At The Block Zone our goal is to raise awareness about this issue and encourage our readers to avoid these websites & platforms at all costs.

There's nothing worse than seeing something you've worked so hard on being used by someone else who's making a huge profit out of it. I have experienced many times that my models, which I put in many hours to design them, test them and build them, are just put out there by others without my permission. It's devastating.

Sybrin Hendrikx

Designers are at the core of what we do and we always credit designers with each new release.

We work strictly with factories that use authorised designs and, when we make a model in-house, we always credit the designer and let them retain full control of their manual.

We are one of the few brands who do this. It's the main reason we've built the reputation we have within the designer community and why we are able to release so many MOCs.

In short, we treat designers fairly. That's why they trust us with their models.

I believe The Block Zone has found the right way with how you treat the designers. You are extremely transparent with us and is what makes me trust you.

Emil Romano
Our Goal is to build a platform
Our Designer Program

Last year we launched the Designer Program pioneered by Daniel Helms. Through this program designers are able to list their models on our platform and share them with you, our fans & customers. We provide a full part pack for the model and designers provide the manuals.

This way designers are able to retain full control of their designs & manuals, without us ever having the digital copy to alleviate any doubt of unauthorised distribution on our end.

Once again, this is why designers trust us with their models.

I'm a big fan of this designer program! All in all, I like your concept a lot and really love how it develops. Keep on that good work!

Daniel Helms
Our goal is to be transparent
Paper vs Digital Manuals

The vast majority of our models (over 90%) come with a paper manual in the box. Some new releases come as a part pack only and our customers can download the digital manual from the designer.

Why aren't they all with paper manuals?

We try to launch as many customer requests as we can and if we were to create a paper manual for each from the start, with designer licensing, the model would be too expensive for our customers. This is why with some new releases we provide a part pack only and the manual must be downloaded from the designer.

This applies to roughly 10% of the models we offer, it's how we're able to be incredibly reactive to customer requests, be fair with designers and have such a massive collection of models to choose from.

We're always fully transparent with which models come with a paper manual and which require a digital manual, it's mentioned on every model page.

Designer Interviews