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Our passion is blocks and our goal is to build the world's largest collection of innovative, detailed & feature-packed models!

If you share our passion for blocks and want to share our models with your audience you can apply to our affiliate program below and join the movement.

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How does it work?

Once your affiliate account is created you'll have access to your unique affiliate link & affiliate discount. Each time you create a piece of content you can add these for your followers to get access to our collection of 1500+ models.

When one of your followers places an order using your unique discount or via your link, your account will be credited with commission on every order, which you can extract directly to your PayPal account.

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We like working with fun-loving individuals who enjoy building models, who have an existing online presence with an engaged audience & who want to share our models with their followers.

If that sounds like you, create an account below, tell us a bit about yourself and one of our Affiliate Account Managers will be in touch!

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We are a team of enthusiastic, passionate, honest & fun-loving people. Our goal is to make the latest, most unique & feature packed sets available to everyone. Do you share our passion? Do you want to share our models with your online community? Join our team of online ambassadors!

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