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Customer Reviews

"I enjoy seeing the myriad of ways that just bricks go together. So calming while I’m building. Now to show it off. Love the colors."

- Josh D.

Great build, fast shipping, looks great with the rest of my collection!

- Mario S.

"Really well made and super fun to build. Great job with the packaging and instructions fully branded theblockzone, wonderful!"

- Alessandro A.

The pieces are solid, no modifications needed. The instructions were clear and well laid out. I am 100% satisfied with this kit and can’t wait to build another!

- Justin L.

I really enjoyed this build. I love big equipment builds and look forward to the next project!

- Murray V.

Great build, love this Model. Excellent bodywork, very close to the original. Can totally recommend this.

- Frank S.

Great model! Love that the colors match my real one!

- Daryl P.

Very detailed model, absolutely love it. Lots of moving parts, as advertised. Totally worth it!!

- Szabo M.

It was a fun challenging build. Everything was extremely detailed and the instructions were easy enough to follow. Very cool and would recommend.

- Ibrahim E.

The car has all the details of the series, including the tofu in the trunk.
The remote control feature is great! Definitely a highly recommended purchase.

- Jose Alejo R.

Loved the build,no missing parts which is great for a kit of this size.A friend was so impressed with it he bought it. I guess I will need to look at the next one.

- Tony P.

Very pleased with the entire process. Model pieces are very high quality!

- Matthew S.

The quality is extremely good. The parts are very well manufactured!

- Lloyd P.

The pieces are of a very high quality and I strongly recommend it!

- Matt N.

Was a very fun experience once again. As always a beauty of a Model, loved it to build!

- Mia P.

I really enjoyed this build. I love big equipment builds and look forward to the next project

- Murray V.

The kit is a challenge and fun. Looking for the next model to build for the trailer.

- Donald F.

Good quality of parts, and no problems during assembly. Labels ok, and assembly booklet ok. Very fast delivery too! In the top!

- Matthieu N.

The most perfect build yet. Incredibly detailed. Structurally solid. Not a single missing or extra part. And it’s beautiful!

- Christopher A. N.

I Love it so much! Great build, clear instructions, even arrived earlier than expected! So beautiful and fun, and the puzzle was a great suprise!

- Shandra D.

Awesome build, nice to see such detail in a 1:8 model car. Very good customer service!

- Frank

Very impressive design and a fun building experience. I like the way the model is constructed and the final look.

- Sascha

Manual has clear instructions on the build, and the model itself is very solid with all parts interlocking where posible and doesn't have those flimsy bits that can break off easily like other models.

- Paul H.

My first build with BlockZone, and first motorised model. Very enjoyable build. A great addition to a growing collection of vehicles.

- Neill K.

As others have said, it is HUGE! A very long and rewarding build and the finished model is impressive. Instructions are very good!

- Gary H.

A lot of fun, no missing parts, everything fits great 👌🏻👌🏻 Gracias.

- Spina G.