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We are a team of enthusiastic, passionate & fun loving people who share years of experience in assembling thousands of models. Our goal is to make the latest, most unique & feature packed models available to everyone.

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This is the most jaw dropping models we have ever released. Yep, we admit it, these take the cake...

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Our most unique, creative, fun and challenging models.


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We 100% stand by the quality of the models we offer and the individual parts we use. If a model does not meet our high standards we don't list it on our website. It's as simple as that!

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Assemble the most advanced models available anywhere

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This year we've set ourselves the challenge of launching an average of 1 new model per day and so far we've been sticking to it! A lot of our models are released based on customer requests, so if there's a particular model you'd like, let us know!

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The level of detail on this model is amazing. The engine actually has pistons and a rotating assembly.

Antonio G.

I was impressed by the shipping even in these Covid19 days. Set is amazing. I will buy for sure again.

Athanasios T.

The pieces are of a very high quality and I strongly recommended.

Matt N.

Not yet finished building, but i'm very impressed about the quality of the kit.

Sven H.

Look great, cool to play with and is amazing to build.

Bart-Jan M.

This car is well designed and a really solid build. Finished car looks fantastic.