Thank you for your interest in becoming a Block Zone Business Partner! Once you complete the below application a member of the team will review your information, set up your account and reach out once everything is completed.

If you have any questions you cancheck out our FAQ section below, or you can reach out to us on


If you are running a website or physical store and are interested in listing, stocking & selling the models we offer you can apply to become a Block Zone Business Partner.

Yes. We already act as a supplier for several dropshipping partners. We offer a seamless integration with your website and are able to offer the vast majority of our collection via a dropship business model.

You can apply for a Business Account using the form above. This will be received by one of our Account Managers who will review your information and, if everything is in order, will set you up with a Business Account on our website.

As a Business Partner you will have access to a large part of our collection. Some of our models are developed with designers under strict exclusivity conditions and, as such, we would not be able to share these with you. However, these account for a very small portion of our collection.

Each price list is created exclusively for each partner. The price list can differ based on your order volume, the models you order and more. Once your Business Account is set up your account manager will be able to apply a price list and you will be able to view this in your account. Your price list is private, only you have access to it.

All new Business Partners are enrolled on a strict payment on fulfillment policy. The order must be paid in full prior to dispatch. This may be extended by up to 30d after delivery for partners who develop a thorough account history with us.

No. We do not charge any set up fees, processing fees, etc. You will only be responsible for paying your Block Zone order in full and for paying any associated import fees upon the shipment's arrival to your destination country. These fees are paid directly by yourself to your customs agency, we do not handle or cover any import fees for your shipments.