B2 Strategic Bomber 2062pcs
B2 Strategic Bomber 2062pcs
B2 Strategic Bomber 2062pcs
B2 Strategic Bomber 2062pcs
B2 Strategic Bomber 2062pcs
B2 Strategic Bomber 2062pcs
B2 Strategic Bomber 2062pcs
B2 Strategic Bomber 2062pcs
B2 Strategic Bomber 2062pcs

B2 Strategic Bomber 2062pcs

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Experience the assembly process of the world's most renowned military aircraft, the B2 Strategic Bomber. Measuring an impressive 73cm wingspan and boasting over 2000 pieces, this model is a dream come true for any military and airforce enthusiast, replicating its real-life counterpart with precision.

The B2 Strategic Bomber stands as one of the most powerful aircraft in any country's military defense arsenal. Known for its stealth capabilities, this aircraft can approach its target undetected, making it a formidable force. It travels at nearly the speed of sound and can fly for almost 11,000 km in one go, a distance that is more than a quarter of the Earth's circumference.

Begin the assembly process of this model and relax as you seamlessly bring together every piece with the help of the detailed paper manual. The details extend from the cockpit and detailed engines all the way to the wings, which come equipped with moving flaps for a more authentic look.

Underneath, it also comes equipped with a retractable landing gear and an opening bomb bay for easy deployment of its arsenal. The 20 air-launched cruise missiles and the 22 nuclear bombs are unmatched among every other military aircraft model, making this one a unique piece worthy of assembly.

Step into a world where military advancement knows no boundaries and begin your assembly journey of the B2 Strategic Bomber. An experience that culminates in a stunning representation of one of the world’s most advanced aircraft.

72.9cm x 6.5cm x 29.5cm
28.7n x 2.5in x 11.6in

Key Features:

  • 73cm Wingspan
  • 29cm Long
  • Over 2050 Pieces
  • 20 Air-Launched Cruise Missiles
  • 22 Nuclear Bombs
  • Cockpit
  • Moving Flaps
  • Opening Bomb Bay
  • Detailed Engines
  • Retractable Landing Gear
  • Building Instruction Manual Included in Parcel

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- Florian B.

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