The Apocalypse Bundle 1934pcs
The Apocalypse Bundle 1934pcs
The Apocalypse Bundle 1934pcs
The Apocalypse Bundle 1934pcs
The Apocalypse Bundle 1934pcs
The Apocalypse Bundle 1934pcs
The Apocalypse Bundle 1934pcs
The Apocalypse Bundle 1934pcs

The Apocalypse Bundle 1934pcs

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Unleash the ferocity of the wasteland with The Apocalypse Bundle, featuring a staggering 1934 pieces to construct the most iconic vehicles known to the dystopian horizon.

This collection includes four legendary machines: the Doof Wagon, the Gigahorse, the Interceptor and the War Rig, each a beacon of power and despair.

Dive into assembling the Doof Wagon, complete with its 8 wheels, the legendary flame guitar, a barrage of drums and an array of speakers to bring the sounds of doom wherever it roams.

The Gigahorse roars to life through your hands with its dual side exhausts, high clearance and enormous rear wheels, crowned with apocalypse flags and an exposed engine.

Feel the rush of the chase with the Interceptor, equipped with its iconic side exhausts, engine blower and essential large fuel tanks. Its stripped-back aesthetic captures the essence of survival.

Lastly, command the desert with the War Rig, a behemoth with 12 wheels, a robust engine blower and an intimidating front bumper, this beast stretches nearly half a meter in length.

Embrace the thrill of construction and the satisfaction of completion with The Apocalypse Bundle, where every piece deepens your connection to the raw, untamed spirit of survival.

26.7cm x 13.8cm x 18.2cm
10.5in x 5.4in x 7.2in 

Key Features:

  • Doof Wagon
  • 8 Wheels
  • The Iconic Flame Guitar
  • Drums 
  • Countless Speakers
  • Accurate Design
  • Digital Manual

23.5cm x 11.7cm x 15.5cm
9.2in x 4.6in x 6.1in 

Key Features:

  • The Gigahorse
  • Massive Dual Side Exhaust
  • High Ground Clearance
  • Massive Wheels in the Back
  • Apocalypse Flags
  • Engine Sticking Out
  • Accurate Design
  • Digital Manual

16.7cm x 8.4cm x 4.9cm
6.5in x 3.3in x 1.9in 

Key Features:

  • Interceptor
  • Side Exhaust
  • Engine Blower
  • 2 Large Fuel Tanks
  • Removed Back Window and Boot Lid
  • Accurate Design
  • Digital Manual

46cm x 12cm x 16.7cm
18.1in x 4.7in x 6.5in 

Key Features:

  • War Rig
  • 12 Wheels
  • Engine blower
  • Massive Front Bumper
  • 4 Exhaust Pipes
  • Almost Half a Meter in Length
  • Apocalypse Flags
  • Accurate Design
  • Digital Manual

We provide the full part pack and the digital manual. The manual will be emailed to you automatically, around 24h after your purchase. Unless otherwise mentioned, stickers are not included.

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" Such an amazing set! Every part fits perfectly to another. It's definitely one of the hardest bricksets I've ever built because of the enormous amount of parts. But the results are outstanding! Fast delivery, no missing parts, definitely worth it! "

- Florian B.

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