I already built my own models when I was 6...

Sybrin Hendrikx, a talented & passionate designer from a young age.
Sybrin Hendrikx

At The Block Zone we're extremely passionate about motorsport. Imagine our excitement and awe when we discovered Sybrin's unique track map designs, which carefully sculpt each corner of the world's most iconic tracks and place the map on a backdrop of the country's flag.

Since 2022 we've developed a close relationship and over the 2023 racing season we've launched, together with Sybrin, every track map on the race calendar. The level of detail and accuracy in each circuit is unreal, a concept born out of true talent and passion for the sport.


To our fans & followers Sybrin is best known for his iconic track map designs and we know you'd love to meet the legend behind the MOCs! Here's what he's shared with us in an interview about his background, models, passions and his unique design process.

What started your passion for blocks?

I had blocks for as young as I can remember. I started out with creator sets, where I enjoyed building, rebuilding and creating new models, over and over, sometimes even so much that bricks started braking. I always kept getting new sets and with them learned new techniques, discovered new parts and got inspired to build different things, ranging from planes to spaceships, or oldtimers to hypercars. With the current 18+ sets focusing on build and display I found a new drive to create realistic models and display pieces, like my track maps and Speed Champions MOCs.

I find it fascinating that with a certain set of items you can build almost anything you can imagine. That's what got me hooked on creator sets, building and rebuilding them over and over, until I started building my own models completely.

When did you start creating your own designs?

Judging from photo albums, I already built alternates when I was 6, but my more 'professional' models started in 2020 creating cars and racecars, and later in 2021 I came up with the idea of track maps.

What types of models do you enjoy building?

My main joy and focus of mocs revolves around Le Mans prototypes. They are such unique and bespoke cars, and not many people were building them. At that time I really wanted to have scale models of these cars, but those were very pricey, and as a teen I didn't exactly have much to spend. So I thought to myself, "why not build them?" And that's really the whole story.

I felt there was something missing, something I could build and display among them. I immediately thought of building a race track, but I lacked the space and resources to make something large enough to race on, so instead I scaled the idea down, and created track maps. I already owned 4 posters of my favourite track of that moment, and thought it would be cool to build them out of blocks.

Other than blocks, what are your hobbies?

When I have time I like to draw and mountain biking in the woods. After my studies in the evening I play badminton with friends and when I really have time I like to travel and discover new places and buildings.

Sybrin Hendrikx
Do you take inspiration from other designers?

Plenty! Talented builders like NV Carmocs, TheGbrix, JE Brickworks and many more always form an inspiration from me, they produce quite stunning and visually striking models. They often teach me new ways to think about connections, how to capture details or how to translate a model to build.

If I had to pick my favourite MOC of theirs, it would be the Lamborghini Centenario by TheGbrix. It's one of my favourite cars, and seeing it so well represented in bricks is amazing. I made some minor tweaks, but the overwhelming design is still intact. I recently built it and its now displayed along some of my other models, very happy to have it in my collection now.

What's a fun fact about you?

I sometimes use blocks for my university projects as an architecture student, often building scale models or presenting ideas using concept builds. Some professors like it, others, well...

Sybrin Hendrikx

Recommend just 1 of your MOCs to your fans

My personal favourite model would be my 1988 Jaguar XJR-9 LM. It was driven by one of my local heroes Jan Lammers, and who doesn't love purple?

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What makes this one your favourite?

It is also one of my most advanced builds to date, using many clever and odd angles to achieve the sloping and silhouette. And although you don't see them, the rear tires are full sized! The nose took me around 16 prototypes to perfect to the version you see in the final model, especially the headlights were trickey to get right.

Is there any MOC that you've always wanted to bring to life, but haven't had the chance to?

I have many mocs that I still want to attempt. Nurburgring is on the top of that list. To get it right, I would need to expand to the regualr 3x3 grid like Arts sets, unlike my 2x2 regular track maps. To even come close to the level of detail for 99 corners, it would need a bigger scale to somewhat resemble the green hell.

Sybrin Hendrikx

Talk us through your process. How do you bring a model to life?

How do you design your numerous track maps?

For the tracks it is a relatively simple process, as all bases are standardized. designing the flag and the track itself is where the challenges lay. For the track, I use an overlay programm with which I project the track I want to build onto my layout, and then estimate the rough connection points. From there it's a lot of trial and error with physical parts and hoses, to get the angle just right.

How do you manage to make them so accurate?

It usually takes some back and forth between the stud.io model and the physical prototype, but after a while a working whole comes out. Last to do is to design the flag. Usually it is a matter of changing colours, but some flags proved to be more difficult. Flags with certain patterns, logos or emblems require much more planning and carefull design to get them right.

Which one is your favourite?

For my Tracks I would recommend Spa. It was a difficult track to get right, and I was especially glad that after some trial and error I got Eau Rouge with just a single hose, as well as the Buss stop chicane and Les Combes. Another track I can recommend would be Suzuka, although I'm a bit biased as its my all time favourite track, designed by the Legendary Hugenholtz. It's the only track that crosses itself, and the esses were a delight to figure out, and put together, as well as the curvature for Spoon and 130R.

So what's next?

I've nearly finished all 2023 F1 tracks, but ofcourse there's many more legendary and bespoke circuits across the globe. Something like the Nurburgring would keep me busy for a while, especially with its 99 corners. Other circuits like Sepang, Sebring and Portimao are also on my to-do list

What's your dream car?

A Lamborghini Miura, without a doubt. It is the most beautiful car ever made, and it started the whole supercar journey we so much enjoy today. That being said, it is really, really expsenive to get one, so without an infinite budget, a classic Alpine A110 will suffice as well. Agile, light, and a lot of fun to drive! I also like the new A110, I sat in a couple of them and even at my height, I still sit pretty comfortably.

Sybrin Hendrikx
What models are you working on now?

I am currently working on many of the new hypercars, such as the Lamborghini SC63, Alpine and BMW, but also on some classics like the BMW V12 LMR and Toyota TS020 'GT-ONE', and a new movie car, being the Camaro from Transformers a.k.a Bumblebee. I'm most looking forward to release the Lamborghini, as I'm a sucker for Lamborghinis, the car is lime, and it just looks amazing. I am very happy with how the model turned out, and I can't wait to share the final result with you all!

What's your dream holiday destination?

Cities like Barcelona, Rome, Florence, Paris or other big cities with marvellous architectural buildings.

Sybrin Hendrikx

Sybrin's unique creations

Thank you, Sybrin!

Sybrin, you've created something truly unique, which not only offers an unrivalled assembly experience, but also a special piece of race memorabilia that no other product can offer. Your track maps are a true must-have for all motorsport fans, an innovative take on how to use blocks to create something that's never been done before.

Although we don't currently have the ability to launch your small scale cars, we are looking into it for the future, solely to be able to share more of your race car designs to our customers. The level of detail your cars offer is a truly impressive feat, something that we believe is a lot more challenging than designing a 1:8 scale model, something that takes true talent, skill and imagination.

We can't wait to see where this passion takes you and what designs you'll come up with next!

Vlad T, Designer Program Manager.


Spa Francorchamps Track Map 352pcs

Regular price £49.99 Sale price£39.99

A brand new concept designed by SFH_Bricks, which started from a simple question: if you can build race cars, could you also build the tracks they race on?

The answer clearly is yes and what a stunning concept build it is! This unique sculpture perfectly captures every corner from the Chicane and the (often chaotic) La Source to the iconic Eau Rouge. All of this on a backdrop of the Belgian flag.

The ultimate tribute to the most iconic track on the calendar.

27cm x 27cm x 2cm
10.6in x 10.6in x 0.8in 

This model was designed by SFH_Bricks, we provide the full part pack. The digital manual must be purchased from the designer here. Sticker must be printed.