Remote Controlled VW Camper Van 4237pcs

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Pre order the largest, most advanced set that we have ever come across! The 4237-piece Volkswagen Camper Van features a fully operational engine, transmission, an automatic gearbox as well as opening boot, front doors, engine cover and side doors. The VW has a total of 5 electric motors, 2 remote controls and 2 receivers which give it more than enough power to carry its 4200+ pieces which weigh almost 6kg. This model is also fitted with independent front and rear suspension, rear differential, rack and pinion steering, rear drum brakes, front disk brakes and a 5 speed fully-functional gearbox. Yes, you read that right, a fully functioning gearbox that you can operate from the remote control!

This is by far and away the most mechanically and structurally accurate model of the VW Camper Van that you will ever come across. 

We will include some extra connectors, shafts and gears in your order so that you can customise the model to your liking. The VW Camper Van is now available for pre-order and we expect to receive the first 50 units in the first half of September. Get onto our exclusive waiting list today and reserve the most complex model we have ever come across!

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