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We are a team of enthusiastic, passionate & fun loving people who share years of experience in assembling thousands of models. Our goal is to make the latest, most unique & feature packed models available to everyone.

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We never compromise on quality.
our quality promise

We 100% stand by the quality of the models we offer and the individual parts we use. If a model does not meet our high standards we don't list it on our website. It's as simple as that!

The #STANCED Collection

These are the most jaw dropping models we have ever released. Yep, we admit it, these take the cake...

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Tell us what you want to build

This year we've set ourselves the challenge of launching an average of 1 new model per day and so far we've been sticking to it! A lot of our models are released based on customer requests, so if there's a particular model you'd like, let us know!

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Get ready to assemble the most intricate, challenging & feature packed models you've ever come across. We can't wait to share our models with you!